Research & Projects

Projects Submitted By Students

Pollution case studies

This project report submitted by Jasmeet Singh, a student of Mechanical in which a special case related to air pollution has been studied i.e. Chernobyl nuclear disaster. This was the accident which occurred at Chernobyl Nuclear power plant on April 26, 1986. The student has collected various data related to its cause, radio active release and immediate crises management.

Role of NGO’S in environment conservation

Research Projects

This project report submitted by Jayant Yadav, a student of Mechanical. He has collected the name of various NGOs’ at national & international level which work on different issues related to conservation of environment.


Mining and its impact on environment

Neha Shakya, a student of ECE prepared this report. In this project she has explained the meaning of mining, how to manage the waste from mining & its effect on tribal people as well as the NGO Green Peace which has been campaigning against the approval of Anvil Hill Mine.


Natural disaster & its management

Abhishek Dutt Mohla, a student of ECE prepared this report. This project report mainly emphasize on three components:

Institutional Preparedness


Post Disaster Response


Sustainable development approach

One of the most important aspects of Environment is to follow Sustainable Development Approach, a report on which has been prepared by Reeta Joshi, a student of ECE. She has explained the relation between economic sustainability and climate change.



A report on “DAMS” which play a very important role in our life, has been submitted by Sandeep Kumar, a student of Mechanical. In this report he has explained various types of dams as well as important case studies about Sardar Sarovar Project & Tehri Dam Project.


Laboratories And Research Work


All the labs. In the Department are fully equipped, well-ventilated, spacious and by all standards one of the best.

Equipments available are of Research standard, which are not only utilized by the students but also made available for research work done by the Faculty. No efforts are being spared to upgrade the labs. Even high-quality equipments like UV visible Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, Red-Wood viscometer, Electronic Balance, Penskey Martin Apparatus are available. Water Demineralization plant to get high purity water having hardness only upto 2ppm, Water Distillation plant for generating distilled water, Electronic balance which is connectable to computer to give appropriate data, in-built gas pipeline which make it a state-of-art lab. Our labs. have high purity Laboratory grade chemicals purchased from reputed companies. In Physics lab. we have instruments like Laser, Fresnel’s Bi-prism, Grating apparatus, Newton’s Ring apparatus to name a few. We are planning to find out the Wavelength of the Monochromatic light with the help of some monochromatic source. Students are encouraged to submit projects and set new experiments. They are also encouraged to have know-how of repairing apparatus during experiments so that they can learn from it.

To take precautions for safety; fire extinguishers and First-Aid facility are available in labs.


Research Work

Consultancy and extension services are provided to the farmers for performing Water and Soil analysis in Chemistry Lab. so that farmers get to know about the suitability of their land for a particular crop to attain better yield. Research work is being undertaken in the labs of the Department. Four Students at present are registered for M.Phil under the H.O.D. Dr. S.K.Gupta. The Faculty members Mr. Surender (Physics) and Mr. Lalit (Chemistry), doing their M.Phil also use the lab Facilities for performing their research practicals. We even intend to start some data analysis work. Besides this, Research papers are being prepared and likely to be published soon.

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