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Workshop On Robotics Events 2016


5TH & 6TH February 2016


Two day workshop on “Introduction to Robotics” conducted by E-Yantra , IIT Bombay was organised on 5th - 6th February 2016, at MGM college of Engineering , Noida. This is an introductory workshop on robotics and embedded systems involving hands - on training for teachers. Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots.


Objectives of E-Yantra (Workshop)


1. The aim of the two - day workshop was to train teachers in the basic concepts of Embedded systems and Micro - controller programming as first phase of training through e-yantra Lab Setup initiative (e-LSI).

2. Face to face training workshop conducted at coordinating college to learn to program Firebird V Robot and get certificates upon successfully completing the workshop.


Mr Krishanu Kundu (Asst. Professor) from EEE department and Ms. Diksha Chaudhary (Asst. Professor) from ECS department of Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon attended the workshop. Over all forty faculty members from 10 engineering colleges participated in the Robotic Workshop.


Day 1: Monday , 05 February. 16


The day one started with inaugural session by Dr. Sarawati Kritivasan and Dr. Krishna Lala (Project Manager) who briefed the participants about the mission and vision of the workshop. He added that the idea is to incorporate embedded system and robotics into engineering education with the objective of engaging students and teachers through exciting hands - on application of engineering principles. The technical session was started with Introduction to Firebird V Robot with series of interesting tasks based on Firebird v platform blend theory, by Mr Aditya Panwar (senior project Technical Assistant).


Firebird V Robot : As a Universal Robotic Research Platform, Fire Bird V provides an excellent environment for experimentation, algorithm development and testing and ideal for doing research in the areas of robotics, embedded systems, artificial intelligence and sensor networks etc. This session was followed by hands on training on topics like Buzzer interfacing, motion control (forward, back, stop, left, right) and LCD Interfacing by using Firebird V Robot. Interfacing LCD to microcontroller is used to display error message.


Day 2 : Monday , 06 February 16


On Second day session was taken by Mr Rama Kumar (Senior project Technical) who continued his discussion on Firebird V Robot. He talked about ADC (Analog to digital converter) interfacing i.e (IR Sensor & Sharp Range Sensor, Serial port interfacing and basics of Line following Robot). ADC (Analog to digital converters) is treaded as an input device by the microprocessor, that sends an initialising signal to the ADC to start the analogy to digital data conversation process. The start of conversation signal is a pulse of a specific duration. He also discussed about issues related to interfacing of various sensors with ATmega2560 microcontroller and facts that interfacing creates a significant role in field of Robotics.


He brushed up syntax of high level computer language “Embedded c” and how pins of microprocessor is configured and initialized for various purposes. A microprocessor is an electronic component that is used by a computer to do its work. It is a central processing unit on a single integrated circuit chip containing millions of very small components including transistors, resistors, and diodes that work together.


In the end Mr Sudeep Rajput cleared the doubts of participants on Robot interfacing and motivated the participants to use this embedded skill for building a professional career in the field of Robotics.


Workshop on Robotic was an excellent platform to expand the horizon of interdisciplinary knowledge and injected very fresh perspective about robotics.



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