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E-WEEK Events 2016

E-WEEK at Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon

21st to 27th February 2016


The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon celebrated E-Week 2016 from 21st to 27th February 2016 with full zeal and enthusiasm to promote entrepreneurship skills amongst students.


E-Week encourages participants to reflect on their role as leaders and innovators. The campaign was led by the National Entrepreneurship Network and supported by the Wadhwani Foundation. The theme for E-Week 2016 was “Innovative Ideas for a Better World”. The motive behind this activity was to create awareness about entrepreneurship.


On 21st February 2016, E-Week started with distribution of pamphlets through the esteemed newspaper “Times of India” to spread the message of Entrepreneurship and Innovation by Deepesh Bhutani (17046) and Girish Arora (17054).


The second activity was “Idea Generation Activity” in which students went around the markets of Gurgaon to meet the youngsters and collect the ideas with which they would wish to start their start-ups if given a chance. They also interacted with people who had actually struggled a lot to bring their ideas into implementation stage.The students were highly motivated by the response of the people that it made them realize that the direction they were opting is justified.


On 22nd February 2016, the students carried forwarded the idea of entrepreneurship by spreading the message to the general public. On this day, students whose parents owned shops gave goods to the customers in polybags on which entrepreneurial quotes were scribbled. This activity was done by Chanakya Sethi (17039) and Anish (17018). The other activity was sticking posters on vehicles because vehicles move throughout the city and hence will be circulating the entrepreneurial message. This activity was performed by Ayush Aggarwal (17033), Achal Gautam (17006) and Abhimanyu (17002).


On 23rd February 2016, five students, Vipanshu Parashar (17947), Ujjwal Chaudhary (17940), Gaurav Mattas (17906), Arushi Dogra(17516), and Mehak Jain (18221) organized a one to one session in Central Park of Connaught Place, New Delhi.


They met many people in the area and gathered their experiences, stories regarding their entrepreneurial journey. The students took the opportunity to tell people what changes their small ideas could bring about in their surroundings. In this session the group met some of the entrepreneurs who shared their stories with them of the risks they took and the problems they faced.


The next activity was “Idea Generation Activity” organized by students at Connaught place. They described about NEN and what E-Week is all about. Another group of students namely Samiksha Yadav (17126), Sakshi Mittal (17123), Shubham Bansal (17142), Pallavi Bhan (17097) and Saurabh Kumar (17129), visited the local shopkeepers of Dwarka, New Delhi. The shopkeepers shared their experiences from starting up their own business to giving job to others. Their stories inspired them to never let go off dreams even if we have to face difficulties in our life.


On 24th February 2016, crossword and word search activities were organized by Saurabh Kumar (17129) and Tejasvi (17159). This was followed by presentations on Start-Up India. In this regard a panel discussion was organized, the penalists were Suchitra Dhamu (17153), Spardha (17151), Salomi S Thomas (17125), Somil (17147) and Saurabh Kumar (17129). The topic of discussion was “Start-Up India”.


They discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the topic. Start Ups can create lot of jobs. Whoever has an innovative idea is provided with various funds, tax exemption for first 3 years and all the certificates issued through an online portal which will soon be launched. The main drawback of start-ups, it requires lot of investment and there is no guarantee that the operation will succeed with profit. They focused on India campaign is based on an action plan aimed at promoting bank financing for start-up ventures to boost entrepreneurship and encourage start-ups with jobs creation.


The next activity was “Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT)” by Ayush Aggarwal (17033), Abhimanyu Kumar(17002) and Achal Gautam (17006). TAT is basically a psychological test. The TAT is popularly known as the picture interpretation technique because it uses series of provocative yet ambiguous pictures about which the participants are asked to tell a story as they can, for each picture presented to them. Basically, it is a projective measure intended to evaluate a person’s pattern of thoughts, attitudes, and observational, capacity and emotional responses to ambiguous test materials. The test was conducted to judge the entrepreneurial capabilities of the students.


On 25th February 2016, the events started with “General Entrepreneurship Test” by Ria Arora (17114) and Priya Yadav (16955) in which few questions related to entrepreneurship were asked to judge the entrepreneurial capabilities of the students. This was followed by presentations on “Being an Entrepreneur” by Students, Alia Anis (17014), Chanakya Sethi (17039) and Atul Kataria (17032). Students started the presentation and elaborated on entrepreneurship, common traits of an entrepreneur, what makes an individual a successful entrepreneur, types of venture an individual can start and how to convert passion into a profit making company. They briefed about the types of entrepreneurs like business entrepreneurs, trading entrepreneurs, industrial entrepreneurs, corporate entrepreneurs, agriculture entrepreneurs, technical entrepreneurs and others. Next activity was “Pictionary” organized by Anurag Vats (16029) in which the participants were divided into teams. One member from each team was shown a word related to entrepreneurship and they had to explain the word by drawing pictures on the white board. This was a fun activity and also helped students to learn new business words.


The next activity was “Visualize yourself” which was conducted by Ms. Pankti Brar, Assistant Professor, CSE Department. In this activity students were asked to close their eyes and visualize what they want to be after 10 years. They were then asked to give answers to the questions that were asked by the event coordinator, which were related to their future on a sheet. The students then discussed their life goals and how they will be achieving their goals with the whole class.


Sakshi Sangwan (17124), Tarun Bhandari (17161), Shubhi Sarin (17145) and Sudiksha Datta (17155) organized few activities at Connaught Place, Janpath and Palika Baazar. The activities included “SURVEY”, in which the students conducted a short survey at CP. The survey was focused on telling people what is entrepreneurship.


The other activity included “AWARENESS WITH CUE CARDS”, in which the students made around 100 cue cards with short entrepreneurial quotes written on them. Those cue cards were then distributed among people at CP and Palika Baazar. Also the cue cards were pasted around the place to attract the mob. At Janpath 10 cue cards were distributed at different shops which were then distributed to the customers by the shopkeepers.


The next activity was “ENGAGING THE KIDS”, which aimed to engage the kids at CP they took a few balloons and wrote the word 'ENTREPRENEURSHIP' on them. Those balloons were given to the kids and then were explained them about entrepreneurship.


The last activity of the day was “EXPERIMENTING WITH POLYBAGS”, in which the students went to a few grocery shops and requested the shopkeepers to provide then with few polybags. They wrote the word 'ENTREPRENEURSHIP' on them and they were given to the customers. It was a great experience where the students tried to spread the message and gained valuable knowledge from the people around.


On 26th February 2016, Nidhi Manchanda (17092) shared the success stories of various successful entrepreneurs to motivate the students. Next Activity organized by Priya Yadav (16955) on “How Entrepreneurial Are You?” a question paper was designed to test the entrepreneurial capabilities of the students.


Next activity was “JUMBLED ALPHABETS” in which the participants were displayed names of famous Indian Entrepreneurs in which the alphabets were jumbled up. After solving the puzzle the students were to give a brief on the entrepreneurial journeys of these entrepreneurs. An activity “PRODUCT MARKETING” was organized on this day to check the marketing capabilities of the students. In this activity, the leaders firstly explained about Marketing strategy and its importance while selling products in the market to the participants.


On 27th February 2016, entrepreneurship bands were distributed to people for creating a positive entrepreneurial mind-set and create awareness regarding the same among people so that more and more people start businesses and become entrepreneurs, the students circulated bands with inspirational thoughts and facts about entrepreneurship so that the message can be wide-spread.


With an aim to “THINK, IDEATE, INNOVATE”, E-Week was celebrated with enthusiasm by the students of Dronacharya College of Engineering. All students had a wonderful learning experience. The overall event was very captivating and motivating for students.




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